How do I find search results?

How to search on Spokeo's Website

To locate search results on Spokeo, please follow the below steps: 

If you have a membership:

1: Go to, log-in, and perform a search:

Image of the Spokeo search bar 

2. Find the report that matches the individual you're looking for, and click the "See Results" button that looks like this:

Image of the See Results button

You'll also see these markers on each report in the list that can help you to identify what information is available in the report:

Image of markers indicating the potential information that a profile includes

If you already have a membership, you should see the results immediately after clicking "See Results."

If you do not have a membership:

3. Click the "Unlock Profile" button on the top of the report that looks like this:

Image of the Unlock Profile button

4. Select the option you'd like to purchase, enter your payment information, and at the bottom of the screen click the "Unlock Results" button that looks like this:

Image of the See Results Now button

5. Continue through the purchase process until you hit the page asking you to set a password. Enter a new password into the form, and then enter it again to confirm. Select your reason for using the service, and then at the bottom of the screen click the "Finish" button that looks like this:

Image of the Finish and Continue button

Once you've created your password and clicked this button, you should see your results immediately. If you do not, please perform your search again and the results should appear. 

Spokeo also offers an Advanced Search filter that allows you to narrow down your results by age, location, middle initial, and more for the most accurate results. The Advanced Search is located in the Search bar once a search has been initiated.

Once you are directed to the next results page, click or tap in the search bar at the top of the page. A drop-down menu will appear with your recent searches, as well as examples of searches you can perform. Select “Show Advanced Search” displayed at the bottom of that menu.

Image of the Spokeo Advanced Search options


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