What is included in a Spokeo subscription?

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What included in a Spokeo subscription?

A Spokeo membership allows you to further your research by giving you access to more searches and is activated immediately once you complete enrollment. Our standard membership gives you access to Name, Phone, Email and Address searches.

A Name Search with a membership can yield:

  • Phone Numbers
  • Email Addresses
  • Age
  • Addresses
  • Relatives
  • Marital Status
  • Education Level

A Reverse Email Search or Username Search with a membership can yield:

  • Public profiles on social networks such as Facebook or Twitter
  • Public profiles on dating sites like Match and OkCupid
  • Public photos on networks such as Flickr or PhotoBucket
  • Videos from sites like YouTube and Vimeo
  • Reviews of products on shopping sites such as Amazon or eBay
  • Blog entries on sites such as Blogger and LiveJournal

A Reverse Phone Search with a membership can yield:

  • First and last name of the phone's owner
  • Address that the phone is registered to
  • Age of the owner
  • Phone carrier

A Reverse Address Search with a membership can yield:

  • Names of current and past residents
  • Owner information
  • Estimated value and building statistics
  • Phone numbers, email addresses, social network profiles of owners and/or tenants
  • Neighborhood information

Court Record and Historical Record searches are available as add-on purchases to our standard membership package. See more here: How do I get access to additional search types?


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