How do I view or report a phone number as spam?

A Spokeo subscription includes access to view and report phone numbers as spam. To do so, type in the phone number in the search box on our homepage, and then click “Search Now”.

Once you’ve found a listing for the phone number, scroll down to the “Comment Details” section. If the number has already been reported as spam by another user, you will see any comments associated with the phone number there.

To report a phone number as spam, click on “Write A Comment”, right above the “Comment Details” section. Once clicked, a box will pop up to allow you to report the phone number and leave a comment. You will also be able to select the category that best fits the scam type.




After you’ve completed the form, click on “Submit Comment”. Your submission will be reflected on the phone number’s listing soon after.

Please note that any comments on a phone number’s listing comes directly from Spokeo members and/or third party websites, which is not verified or validated by Spokeo.

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