What can I do if I couldn't find who or what I am looking for?

Helping you find what you are looking for on Spokeo

We understand that not every search on Spokeo returns the information you're looking for.

Spokeo offers a "Search Concierge" service as a part of your membership that can help you to find results. Please feel free to contact our Customer Care team to take advantage of this service.

If you'd like to investigate on your own, this issue could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

Alternative Name Spellings or "Aliases" on the Report

Let's say you're searching for "Constance Smith." We may not have a report listed under "Constance" for the person you're looking for. But if you search for "Connie Smith" or "Constanze Smith," that report may end up being the one you were looking for, whether they frequently use these aliases or not. Always double check the spelling of the name, try nicknames, and use common alternative names in your search.

More Searches/Different Searches Needed

Sometimes it can take multiple searches of different types to arrive at the desired information.

Let's say you're looking for someone's social media profiles. If you conduct a search using their phone number, the results will likely be oriented to the ownership information, such as the name and address registered to the phone. Social media information might not even show up.

But if your phone search does return an owner's name, you can run a search on that name. The results might then display social media profiles, or at least return an email address associated with the name. We can then do an email address search directly for associated public social media profiles attached to that email.

No News Could Be Good News

Don't forget that in some cases, like Criminal Records searches or social media searches, no results might indicate that there are truly no records to be found.

Outdated or Incorrect Public Record

The nature of public records is not only that they are publicly accessible, but they are created or edited by human beings. This means that records sometimes contain incorrect information due to human error. That error can be replicated across different systems and enter the public domain. Spokeo can then capture and display that incorrect information.

It's also possible that new information hasn't yet been associated with the owner. That's where our team of data scientists come in. They're working nonstop to add more data, refresh our existing data, and use the latest technology to cross-reference and verify data.

What should you do if you have limited or no results?

We recommend checking back frequently as we update our information periodically.


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