How is Spokeo for Business different than Spokeo?

Spokeo for Business is a specialized version of the Spokeo platform, tailored to meet the unique demands of businesses and organizations. While both platforms assist in locating and understanding individuals, Spokeo for Business provides additional features specifically geared toward professional use cases.

One significant difference is the account management system in Spokeo for Business, designed to coordinate team efforts effectively. This system allows for individual team members to be integrated into a single account, where they can conduct searches without incurring extra costs. Account administrators have the ability to monitor search activities, ensuring both compliance and efficiency.

Through robust reporting features, administrators can track who performed a search, what types of searches were performed, and when the searches occurred. This functionality aids in meeting compliance and privacy requirements essential to your business operations. Additionally, you will be assigned a dedicated account manager and have access to personalized on-demand training.

Spokeo for Business is constantly evolving to offer data sets and functionalities tailored for professional users, optimizing your operational workflow as a result.

The platform serves a wide array of sectors including but not limited to legal, real estate, debt collection, law enforcement, non-profit organizations, e-commerce, and more.

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