How does the Spokeo for Business quota system work?

How does the quota work on a Spokeo for Business subscription?

The quota system tracks search results across the entire organization – not on a per team or per user basis.

Your quota will encompass any type of search and is debited for each search result, no matter the type of search.

What happens if two (2) teammates search the same query?

If multiple teammates arrive at the same search result within 90 days from the initial result, it will only count once against the quota.

What happens when I go over my Spokeo for Business quota?

Once you have used up your quota, you can still continue to search. Your organization will be charged for each additional search result as an overage at a contracted “per transaction” rate (your plan rate divided by the number of search results included). Each overage search result is charged at the rate set by your subscription plan. (Note that this is the same per-result rate you originally paid for your plan, we do not “upcharge” overage results.)

To clarify further, your subscription begins from the date that you create your account. At the beginning of each billing cycle, you are charged for your subscription plus any overages or add-ons that were incurred during the previous billing cycle.

If you expect to be over your quota in the next billing cycle or frequently go over, please contact our Business Support team:

Spokeo for Business Customer Care

Phone: 1 (888) 895-5122


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