How to Remove Yourself From The Internet

Removing your information from the internet can be a daunting task. Everything you do on the internet leaves a digital footprint.  The data that you leave behind as you go through your daily life, from posting on social media to clicking on online ads, can be difficult to control and manage.


Here are some tips to reduce your online presence:

  • Check your privacy settings on websites and social media accounts and apps.
    • Adjusting these settings to private can help to reduce how third-party websites and services gather your data.
  • Read privacy policies
    • Be aware of what you are agreeing to when signing up for accounts. Some websites may ask for authorization to access your personal information.
  • Be mindful of entering personal information
    • Filling out a survey or questionnaire? Signing up for a new app? Remember that some forms may be used as public sources of information.

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