How many searches can I perform? Do members get unlimited searches?

How many searches can I perform? Do you have an unlimited search membership?

Spokeo subscriptions have maximum numbers of searches available each month. On the purchase page, click the “Plan Specifications” link to see that plan's maximum searches:

Image of Spokeo terms of agreement with consumer agreement, privacy policy, and plan specifications

Once you reach the subscription's monthly maximum, you can either wait for the searches to reset next month, or you can upgrade immediately to a higher maximum number of searches. We’ll prorate the upgraded subscription's payment to match the original subscription's remaining term length. 

If you are looking for high volume search plans with team management options, our Spokeo for Business plans may be a good fit. We also offer subscriptions specifically for Law Enforcement. Please contact our Customer Care team for more information:

Spokeo Customer Care

Phone: 1 (888) 906-0849


Live Chat:

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