I see a charge from Spokeo. Why am I being charged?

Spokeo is a People Search service that is often used to locate information to reconnect with family and friends or research unknown callers. Have you researched a name, address, phone number, or email address recently?

Purchases for our services are made by navigating to our site and either clicking on the “Sign Up” button or performing a search and clicking on the “Get Full Results” button. On our purchase page, we require a full 16-digit credit or debit card number along with the cardholder’s name, card expiration date and security code, and billing zip code. We also require an email address which becomes the username used to log into the Spokeo account. Charges may appear on your credit card statement as:

  • SPOKEO *8006994264
  • SPOKEO.COM 8006994264

If you signed up for a subscription and need help logging into your account, please click here.

If you believe you were charged in error, please contact our Customer Care team via email at customercare@spokeo.com, or via phone at (888) 906-0850. Our team members are available 7 days a week, from 5am to 8pm (PST), and would be more than happy to assist you!

Spokeo Customer Care
Phone: (888) 906-0849
Email: CustomerCare@spokeo.com 
Live Chat: https://www.spokeo.com/contact 

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